Mobmap is a tool that specializes in visualizing and analyzing people flow data. It has been developed at the Shibasaki Ryosuke Laboratory at the University of Tokyo and has been used internationally and in a variety of applications. Developer Satoshi Ueyama has further enhanced offers at LocationMind.

Mobmap Features

Mobmap’s significant feature is its video-like visualizations of people flow data. It has been used for reporting based on visualized videos, and for intuitive data evaluation by data scientists.

The main difference from the previous version

Mobmap is Faster. It was originally developed with the concept of ‘running on a browser’ and was designed to create a lightweight version that works with a browser. With this update, you can use it in the browser even faster and more comfortably. Leaflet edition. Unlike the previous version, which has been created non-commercially in the Google Maps, the new release version is based on the Leaflet edition, reflecting consideration that can be used for external publication and commercial use.

Billing and Pricing

The basic features of Mobmap are available free of charge. We receive various inquiries for each customer, and we develop additional add-ins according to individual needs and budgets. We also provide stand-alone server services to customers that need to handle large-scale data that cannot be processed on the browser alone.

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