LocationMind xPop

LocationMind xPop is a cloud service that can analyze millions of anonymously processed GPS location point data per day. LocationMind xPop’s interactive dashboard allows you to get an insight into your business’s challenges and questions instantly. Besides, you can download and use the report on the people flow (people flow) that is updated every day in the analyzed area, allowing you to make an informed decision.

LocationMind xPop Features

  • 1

    A web-based dashboard that you can log in from your PC to use

  • 2

    Interactive dashboards to solve business questions and challenges

  • 3

    Daily people flow reports that can be viewed in PDF or image format

  • 4

    Download data that can be used at any time for further analysis

LocationMind dashboard screenshot (Dashboard to monitor New Coronavirus infections within Japan)

Examples of LocationMind xPop data outputs

  • People Density


    Most basic data of what population looks like in a particular time and place.

  • People Movement


    Where do people come from, and where did they go.

  • Transport Mode


    Movement data by transport modes like cars, trains, flights, and even walking.

  • Infection Risk


    Analyze the risk of movement and its relation to infection increase risk.

Various scenes of LocationMind xPop

  • For New Coronavirus (mainly local governments) Can monitor people flow density, inter-regional movement, and evaluation of movement risk on a regular basis
  • For Advertising Agencies Data-driven decisions about campaign locations and promotional flyer distribution locations
  • For Real Estate Developers Monitor how new buildings and complexes affect the number of visitors to the area
  • For Financial Institutions By grasping the number of visitors, it is possible to estimate the profit of the target facility
  • For Franchises Choose a location where you can expect more sales

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● What is a GPS data source?
LocationMind xPop data uses datasets created from the auto GPS function user of the ”DoCoMo Map Navi” service provided by NTT DOCOMO based on DoCoMo Map Navi statistics, which NTT DOCOMO has processed, comprehensively and statistically, for the location information of mobile phones transmitted with permission. Location information is GPS data (latitude and longitude information) that is positioned as little as every five minutes and does not contain personal information that identifies an individual neither the service saves any personal information.
● Can we analyze the data in LocationMind xPop with our data?
We can also develop dedicated dashboards to meet your customized needs. Please contact us. You may contact us here.
● Location information is useful, but how can we use it for our business?
You may contact us here. We will support you with your company’ s location information-related challenges.
● Can I use it from my smartphone?
Because there is a lot of information that is processed on the PC, for the best experience we recommend the use of a Laptop or a Desktop Computer. But we update the smartphone correspondence from time to time.
● Is there a trial version?
Please register here with us here and we will contact you as soon as the service is available.
● What is the introduction price of LocationMind?
For more information, please contact us.

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