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Our Mission

LocationMind is a technology venture of Shibasaki laboratory of the University of Tokyo, which has been conducting research at the forefront of spatial information engineering and is also a group of engineers with a wide range of advanced technology sets related to location information.

When, What, Why, and What should we do? We challenge the universal issues of various industries and institutions through location information.


People Flow Big-Data Processing

Good analysis always requires good data. We realize advanced and extensive analysis by performing multi-layered processing in the pre-data analysis process.

Analysis and Visualization of People Flow

Technology is also technology to express the results of data analysis in an easy-to-understand manner. Many of the requests we receive are analysis results, not data.

AI-based People Flow Prediction

In addition to analyzing past people flows, we have developed several unique AI models that specialize in human flow, and we are predicting the near future.

Security for Positioning Signals

Unlike the Internet, positioning signals are not being secured. We have developed a patented technology that secures the positioning signal itself so the output location information can be trusted.

Our Product

LocationMind xPop

This service analyzes human flows using GPS data to obtain the insights necessary for business decisions, available in web dashboard or CSV format. We can provide individualised aggregation, analysis and customisation for each customer. Customers’ data can also be imported.


A tool that can analyze human flow data in chronological order like a video. We provide tools that have been used all over the world since the Shibasaki Laboratory era. It is widely used from data analysts to those who want to use it for visualization of data.


Management Team

Naoki Kiritani
Naoki Kiritani
After graduating from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Tokyo, he worked in Goldman Sachs investment banking, where he engaged in large-scale IPO and cross-border M&A advisory. After becoming an independent, angel investor/serial entrepreneur who has started multiple businesses, including Angel Bridge, a venture investment firm focused on supporting Ad-media ventures and university-originated Ventures.
Ryosuke Shibasaki
Ryosuke Shibasaki
After graduating from the Faculty of Engineering, the University of Tokyo worked at the Civil Engineering Research Institute of the Ministry of Construction, the Faculty of Engineering and the Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo by Mar 2023 as Director at the Center for Spatial Information Science and since Apr 2023 as Program-Specific Professor. And since Apr 2023 Vice-President and Professor of Reitaku University.Using mobile big data, satellite image analysis, positioning technology, AI, etc., he wishes to develop globally a support for solving social issues.
Dinesh Manandhar
Dinesh Manandhar
Graduated from the doctoral program at the University of Tokyo. He has experience in signal processing and design of GNSS with the background of electrical engineering technology. Established a GNSS signal authentication methodology based on QZSS. We aim to provide a secure location information service to society by integrating GNSS and other information. Has a large number of collaborations with Japanese companies and universities around the world.
Yasuo Usuba
Division Head of People Flow
Yasuo Usuba
After graduating from the Faculty of Engineering, the University of Tokyo, he worked for Recruit, IBM, GE Consumer Finance for leading digital transformation, venture investment, and M&A. Before joining LocationMind, he was the Head of Channel Sales, Japan at Google from the beginning. He earned his MBA at Unversity of Rochester, Simon Business School.
Ryuma Ogawa
Ryuma Ogawa
Engaged in debt finance such as corporate loans and project finance at SMBC. After 2015, he joined the investment banking division of SMBC Nikko Securities for leading equity finance such as various public offerings and IPOs, domestic / cross-border M&A advisory, financial analysis and IR support. Appointed CFO of LocationMind from Feb 2023.
Tatsuya Hayashi
Tatsuya Hayashi
After working as an engineer and consultant, he founded Lepidum, Inc. in 2004, focusing on software R&D. He has contributed to international standardization activities for Web and Internet technologies, and has collaborated with industry, academia, and government.
He has been engaged in network security for more than 10 years. Recently, he has been leading engineers and corporate communities in the field of digital identity, with expertise in authentication/authorization technologies and privacy.
Tomoaki Fujita
Division Head of Space
Tomoaki Fujita
Completed graduate School of Science, University of Tokyo, he worked at The Boston Consulting Group, where he engaged in many kinds of projects such as new business development and business portfolio strategy in several industries. Later, he was Director and COO at ALE which is a Japanese space startup. In January 2022, he joined LocationMind. Appointed Director of LocationMind from March 2024.
Satoru Nakajo
Senior Counsel
Satoru Nakajo
Doctor of Engineering (The University of Tokyo), McGill University (MBA). Senior Researcher, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. Chair of ISO/TC204/SWG3.3 Location Referencing. 2012-2017 Project Associate Professor, Center for Spatial Information Science, University of Tokyo. Experienced in mobility and infrastructure interface. He has been providing extensive support for our technology development.
Ryuichi Imai
Senior Counsel
Ryuichi Imai
Completed Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Kansai University, he worked for Nippon Koei, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism(MLIT), now as a professor of the department of Urban and Environmental Design, Faculty of Design Engineering at Hosei University and representative director of IntelligentStyle. Doctor (engineering, the University of Tokyo). He focuses on activities for measurement, analysis, and visualization of national land space and urban activities taking advantage of the experience of industry‐university‐government. He has received numerous awards, including The Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, i-Construction grand prize by MLIT, Japan Open Innovation Prize, IPSJ Industrial Achievement Award. Appointed Senior Counsel of LocationMind from August 2022.
Hiroaki Sugita
Senior Counsel
Hiroaki Sugita
Graduating from the Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, completed Graduate School of Business Administration, Keio University (MBA). He worked as a representative of Boston Consulting Group (BGC) Japan for 5 years from 2016 and Managing Director & Senior Partner of BCG until December 2022 and is currently a Senior Advisor to the company. He was involved in helping a wide range of industries realize their core management agendas, such as radical corporate transformation for renewed growth, creation of new businesses, and promotion of DX. Appointed Professor at Waseda Business School in 2021 (incumbent), responsible for lectures and research guidance on approaches to new business development, market creation, and transformation. IPC Senior Advisor of the University of Tokyo also serves as an Outside Director of a company and advisor to startups. Appointed Senior Counsel of LocationMind from August 2022.
Senior Counsel
Chihiro Shimizu
Professor, Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of Social Data Science. Tokyo Institute of Technology Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Engineering withdrawal from doctoral program. received his doctorate from The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Frontier Sciences (Environmental Science). Before joining Hitotsubashi University, Dr. Shimizu was a professor at The University of Tokyo Center for Spatial Information Science, Nihon University, Reitaku University and a visiting professor of National University of Singapore, University of British Columbia and University of Hong Kong. He has also held positions as a researcher at the Japan Real Estate Institute, a senior researcher at the Recruit Housing Research Institute, a fellow at the Recruit Research Institute, a senior researcher at the Canon Institute for Global Studies, a special researcher at the FSA Institute, and a researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Real Estate Research Center. Specializes in index theory, big data analysis, real estate economics, and sports data science. Appointed Senior Counsel of LocationMind from January 2024.
Corporate Auditor
Tatsuya Katayose
After underwriting public offerings at a major securities company and executive officer in charge of corporate planning at a listed IT company, he succeeded in listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market as IPO project general manager at a company preparing for listing. After serving as head of the administration department, he became a director and a member of the supervisory committee of the company. He has been an advisor to LocationMind since November 2022 and a full-time corporate auditor of LocationMind from March 2023.
Chiemi Osada
Outside Director
Chiemi Osada
After graduating from the Faculty of Humanities at Sophia University, completed the Master of Business Administration, at Boston University. After working for a major advertising agency, a foreign financial institution, and other companies, she became Managing Director of Tokyo Kantei Corporation in December 2016 and President of the company in December 2019. Based on real estate appraisal, she leads a group of real estate experts with the top market share in the industry, providing a one-stop service for data & know-how to evaluate real estate from all aspects. She has been an outside director of LocationMind since December 2023.

Company Profile

Company Name
LocationMind Inc.
4F, PMO Kanda Tsukasa-machi Building, 2-8-1 Kanda Tsukasa-machi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0048, Japan
February, 2019
2.4 Billion Japanese Yen(As of December 1st, 2023)
Number of Employees
52(As of December, 2023)
Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Corporation, Mizuho Bank, Ltd., Resona Bank, Limited., The Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd.
Business Partners and Clients
  • NTT DOCOMO Co., Ltd.
  • Blog Watcher Co., Ltd.
  • New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization(NEDO))
  • JR East Consultants Co., Ltd.
  • AERO ASAHI Co., Ltd.
  • Value Research Institute, Inc.
  • JTB Co., Ltd.
  • NKB Inc.
  • Oriental Consultants Global Co., Ltd.
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science
  • Hino Motors, Ltd.
  • Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.
  • xMap Inc.
Organizational Affiliation
  • Space Service Innovation Laboratory
  • Satellite VDES Consortium
  • Transportation Digital Business Conference
  • QZSS Business Innovation Council
  • Secure IoT Platform Consortium
  • Location Business&Marketing Association Japan
  • Disaster Prevention Consortium
  • Property and Construction Data Utilizing Association​
  • Impact Startup Association


Awards & Recognitions

Awards & Recognitions

LocationMind Inc’s ‘The Small World AI Project’ is recipient of the 2021 Smart 50 Awards and the 2021 R&D 100 Awards.

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