Security for Positioning Signals

GPS and other positioning signals are typical a way for us to know where we are. However, the positioning signal broadcast is not secure, and there is a risk of fraud or attack by various malice. Research and development against this risk are one of the frontiers of location positioning technology. Our teams are one of the most advanced groups in this area, and we are engaged in service using our patented technology to grant security measures to the positioning signal itself.

Threats of Spoofing and Meaconing

Examples of fraud or attacks on positioning signals include Spoofing and Meaconing. Such irregularities can be used to falsify your signals and to falsify other people’s signals. If the reliability of the positioning signal is lost, the basis of a wide variety of businesses that currently trust the positioning signal may be destroyed.

Types of Spoofing/Meaconing

There are a wide variety of threats for Spoofing and Meaconing. However, we believe this threat is likely to be a trend that becomes more serious with IoT innovation. In other words, the diversification of cost performance and means on the attacker side is progressing. On the other hand, developing measures against such threats is essential as the penetration and diversification of location information create next-gen businesses.

We have patented technology based on the research and development of Geographic Positioning Signals for the issues mentioned above. The Shibasaki Laboratory of the University of Tokyo developed the technology. Besides, due to the nature of the positioning signal, it is easy to implement such technologies with high affinity with technologies such as high-precision positioning. Japan’s global leadership in this field has become an added advantage for us.

Concept video of the technology exhibited at ITS Singapore in 2019

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