AI-based People Flow Prediction

People flow forecasting has been addressed as a next-generation need in various industries, such as traffic congestion prediction and logistics optimization. We take the approach to provide human flow prediction to various industries through analysis of human flow trends in society. There are various hurdles in predicting people’s flow. Still, we think that one of the most significant difficulty is the dynamic nature of daily flow that is often different from the past due to variation in the number of variables. Being able to explain the situation using data adequately, optimize data for fast future scenario predict, and at the same time increase the efficacy rate of correct simulations, is one of the world’s most advanced challenges and we are working on it. In the near future, LocationMind imagines a world view where people’s decision-making is based on compelling evidence, and we want to augment the understanding of ‘hourly people flow’ over the current understanding of ‘what flows?’. In that world, as we see it, there will be natural processes that will be backed by numbers and situations that we have never thought of. We will continue to develop our technologies every day to contribute to maximizing social value globally.

Concept video of the technology exhibited at ITS Singapore in 2019

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